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On this page we present what a car loan is. The purpose is to create knowledge of car loans and give an overview of the different loan options. We explain, among other things, what the difference between a secured and an unsecured car loan is, and what costs you can expect in connection with a loan for a car.

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For the vast majority of Danes, a car plays a crucial role in getting everyday life connected. Today, most Danish households typically have two cars. Therefore, spending on having a car also takes up a lot in an average Danish family’s daily budget. If you need to borrow money for a new or used car, you at Philip have the opportunity to obtain non-binding loan offers from 7 different banks by simply completing one single application.

On this page you can read much more about what you should think about when you need to find the best car loan.

Choose from three methods to borrow for your car purchase

If you are going to fund a car purchase, then there are generally three methods to do it. All methods each have their own advantages and disadvantages, which we will explain to you. Overall, you can choose to finance your future car purchase in the following ways:

  • By taking a car loan with security in your car
  • By taking out loans in your home equity in your homeowner
  • By recording a consumer loan that is used to buy a car

Record a car loan with security in the car

The first option you can consider using is to take out a loan where the bank has security in your car. A secured loan is also known from a typical mortgage. When a bank is provided with collateral for a loan in the form of an asset as a home or car, the bank’s risk is lower, which is reflected in a lower interest rate.

Since the bank has security for its loan in your car, it also means that the bank may require you to sell your car if you cannot comply with your repayments. You can therefore risk losing your car if you do not comply with your agreement with the bank. But as you said, you usually also get a lower interest rate at first.

In connection with the formation of a car loan with security in the car, a mortgage is registered, which costs a registration fee to the authorities. These costs must be taken into account when assessing whether it is best to take a secured car loan. In most cases, you can only borrow up to 80% of the car’s value. The security in the form of the mortgage is deleted only when the entire car loan is repaid. Since you can only borrow 80% of the car’s value you will have to pay the last 20% yourself. If you are therefore looking for a car for 100,000 kroner, then you yourself must have 20,000 kroner that you can pay immediately.

A car loan typically has a maturity of 7 years, resulting in 96 installments.

Borrow money in your homeowner’s free-standing to buy your car

The second option you can consider making use of to finance your car purchase is to take a loan in your home equity. If you have value in your home, you can in many cases take a loan this way. Interest rates on a mortgage loan are historically low, and therefore it can be one of the cheapest ways to finance your car purchase.

However, you must be aware that you can only borrow up to 80% of the value of the home via a mortgage loan. Therefore, it requires that you have relatively much available value before this opportunity becomes relevant. But even if you are going to buy a relatively cheap car for less than 200,000 kroner, it can be an advantage to take out a loan of this size in your freeware, if possible, and thus save money on interest expenses, among other things.

Record a consumer loan for the purchase of a car

The third option you can use is to borrow a consumer loan to finance your car purchase. A consumer loan, unlike the other two options, is an unsecured loan.

That is, the bank cannot demand that you sell your car if you cannot comply with your payments. Therefore, for the same reason, the bank does not have the same security, and therefore you will often get a higher interest rate than by taking out a secured loan.

And last but not least, you do not even have to raise money from your pocket as opposed to a secured car loan, where you often have to pay the first 20% of the car’s value of its own pocket. Here you can borrow money to finance the entire car purchase. A consumer loan typically has a maturity of up to 10 years.

What does a car loan cost?

The price of a car loan depends on both the funding option you choose and the many other factors including:

  • The age of the car
  • The payout size
  • Your own credit rating
  • If you take out the loan through a bank or car dealer
Online Car Loan Calculator Tue, 16 Jul 2019 07:05:23 +0000 Buying a car is a good idea, especially considering the purchase of a new car. Because a new car usually costs depending on the model between 10,000 and 30,000 euros or even more. Other models are even more expensive and even for a well-preserved new car you usually have to invest a whole bunch of his hard-earned money. For this reason, many people are also facing big problems when the previous car, for example, gives up the ghost.

In most cases, the vehicle is also needed to get to work in the morning, which is why the car is almost indispensable for many people. If it then comes to a situation in which the purchase of a new car is inevitable, only very few people have the necessary financial resources for this on the high rims. Unless, the purchase of a new car was previously planned for a long period, so you had time to save a little what for this purpose.

Monthly installments instead of paying in one go

Monthly installments instead of paying in one go

Due to the high cost of buying a car, it would be a huge blow for a number of people to pay those costs in one fell swoop. Although there are always people who are able to do so, but then often give their previous car in payment and/or have saved over a longer period of time.

Those who do not have these options or are interested in buying a more expensive model, on the other hand, have another way to keep the cost of the respective vehicle as possible in the context. We are talking about taking out a loan, which makes it much easier for many people to finance a car in small monthly installments.

Such awarded by both local banks and a number of providers on the Internet. The repayment period of such ranges from one to ten years. During this period, borrowers will be able to pay off a previously purchased car in monthly installments.

Of course, the rate is always based on the personal income of the borrower, because ultimately, this must also be able to repay the loan taken on time. Of course, this does not work if it is difficult for the borrower to even get the monthly installments.

Pay attention to the interest


Another point to keep in mind when taking a cunégondre is the interest that is accrued on the borrowed loan. These are additional costs that arise for the borrower whenever he takes out a loan.

These interest rates are also usually based on the income of the respective borrower and also include the risk of default. This means that interest rates are also based on a person’s payment history for previously taken coins so that someone who has failed to repay a loan on time will generally have to pay higher interest rates to obtain a loan.

The level of interest also varies quite a bit depending on the lender, ranging from about 0.69% up to 20%. In general, however, the interest on a car loan should be between 3 and 7% in order to get a good deal. The loan amount is also almost unlimited from small amounts to hundreds of thousands of euros.

Thus, the inclusion of a car loan for people from all walks of life in question, from a used car buyer to the well-heeled businessman who wants to treat himself to a Ferrari.

Because, whether poor or rich, money can probably never have enough and so it hits people from higher strata as hard if the Maybach fails, as it meets a used car driver, if he has to look for a new vehicle.

However, taking out a car loan is always a good way to ensure that buying a car does not weigh heavily on one’s own finances in one fell swoop. No matter whether it’s a new or a used car, a car is a real luxury item in any case.

How to Find a Good Car Loan Sat, 20 Apr 2019 05:12:07 +0000

It’s hard to imagine our everyday life without a car. We go to work, shopping or family trips. Of course, each of us wants our car to be as good as it is possible, and to have as much “bajery” as possible. Unfortunately, top-class cars cost a lot and we simply can not afford to buy them. Fortunately, we have one alternative that allows us to buy a good car brand without having to save a lot. The alternative is a car loan.

Car loans

Car loans

Car loans are so-called purpose loans that are awarded to finance a specific purpose. This is definitely a better credit than a cash loan, because first, we can get more money in that case, secondly we can spread the repayment for a longer period, and thirdly, it is a much cheaper loan. And all because the bank has very good security, in the form of a credited car. Hardly anyone would like to lose their dream vehicle, so the vast majority of car loan holders pay their liabilities on time.

Virtually every bank offers car loans. Their offers are different and it’s hard to see at first glance which offer is the best for us. So what should we look for when looking for the best offer for us? First of all, we should check the cost of the loan. And several factors affect it. One of them is the age of the car. Generally speaking, the older the car, the loan interest rate will be higher. Another factor related to the cost of car loans is the time we borrow money. The longer it is, the more we will pay for the loan. This means that usually the best interest on the loan will have those who buy a new car straight from the living room, and pay off the debt for 2-3 years. But not only these two factors affect the cost of the loan. For sure if we take out a loan and we do not have any funds to cover part of the purchase costs, we will have to pay more for the loan. In addition, certainly those who take out a car loan in the bank in which they have an account will have lower credit costs. Banks usually take care of their regular customers and offer them slightly better conditions for their products. You can also “win” a smaller commission, because it is usually associated with a car loan. The cost of the loan may also be affected by its security. Usually, there are three types of collateral in banks: registered pledge, ownership transfer and vehicle card deposit. The best for the bank is of course pledge, so those borrowers who decide on this type of collateral can count on a lower interest rate.

When choosing the best offer when it comes to a car loan, it is also worth considering the repayment system offered to us by the bank. We can choose a standard repayment system, i.e. decreasing installments or equal installments. If we decide on such installments, we will pay off similar installments throughout the repayment period, so we can safely plan our expenses. Another increasingly popular repayment system are the so-called balloon installments. When we decide on such a repayment system, at the beginning we will pay off the low installments, and after a certain period of time we repay the remaining amount once. This is a beneficial system for those who often change cars, because usually selling a car, we are able to pay off the last high installment.

If we want to become the owner of the dream car, and we do not have enough money for it, it may be worth considering taking out a car loan. It is not expensive as it is easy to get. But of course, we only apply if we are sure that we will be able to pay our debts in a timely manner and we will not ruin our household budget.

Loan with Property as Collateral Tue, 19 Mar 2019 16:12:25 +0000

Without collateral, the banks do not issue loans. What is used as collateral depends on the type of loan. In a car loan, the car could serve as security. Anyone who wants to buy a home, gets a loan with property quickly approved as security. If the payments stay off, the property is auctioned off and the bank gets its money back in this way.

The property as security

The home can serve as security not only for a real estate loan. If no other collateral is available, then the banks like to take a property as collateral. However, one should already wonder if this step is necessary. Quickly the house comes under the hammer and the family sits in the street. It should be useful if you want to offer his property as security. A real estate loan would be the only reason for this step.

Real estate loan

Real estate loan

The real estate loan is a long-standing affair. Not many consumers can pay their own home out of pocket. Therefore, many resort to a loan with property as collateral. This is quite appropriate, because it must be paid completely different loan amounts. A real estate loan is not given so lightly. The banks are checking exactly the financial conditions. It is ideal if partners apply for this loan together. Both must be working. Added to this is the matter of equity. Anyone who wants to buy a home should have a share capital. There are not many banks offering financing without equity. The financed property serves as collateral.

This loan with real estate as security is limited to a term of ten years. After that, the question arises whether a follow-up financing is necessary or whether the remaining amount for the purchase is immediately available. A real estate loan is characterized by low interest rates. But he is earmarked. For other wishes he can not be used.

This also applies to online banks. There are loans that are tied to the purpose. The real estate loan is one of them. But before you put too much pressure on yourself, you should think twice about whether the monthly installments can be paid. One should keep in mind that events can occur during the term which make it impossible to continue to pay the installments. A large amount of equity reduces this risk, because the loan amount is then lower.

The insurance

The insurance

So that in case of emergency, the family is not driven into financial ruin, a loan with real estate as collateral should necessarily be secured by a corresponding insurance. This can be a residual debt insurance, which takes over the continued payment of installments in the event of death, illness or unemployment. A life insurance is also part of the hedge.

The worst case occurs when one partner falls away through death and the other can not afford the installment alone. If the credit is well secured, then the bank does not need to collect the property as a pledge, if it comes to financial difficulties. However, all calculation examples are free, if a good credit rating is not available. Despite the property as collateral, there is no loan.

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Car loan for temporary workers – smart & fast Tue, 05 Mar 2019 06:26:06 +0000

For a large proportion of banks, creditworthiness plays a very important role. Anyone working in a temporary employment relationship faces massive difficulties in car loans for temporary workers.

But even with worse credit conditions, the search for credit is not necessarily hopeless. For this, the applicant must be able to offer the lender additional collateral.

For fast readers – compactly informed

  • Despite temporary employment credit, banks only forgive if the repayment is safe
  • It would be possible to have the credit balance within the time limit or to be secured by a co-applicant
  • Check – here and now – under what conditions your loan is granted
  • Simply apply for this – of course without obligation – your desired loan now

Car loan for temporary workers – this is how branch banks behave

Car loan for temporary workers - this is how branch banks behave

Buying a car is usually always a great investment, which many consumers first discuss with the house bank. This bank is usually responsible for all accumulating monetary transactions and manages the accounts of the customer.

Car loan for temporary workers

In many cases very good business relationships exist over many years. Bank customers, who want to apply for a car loan at their house bank, have to make an appointment with their responsible loan officer.

For this appointment, the bank customer should bring along an offer from a car dealer and a valid ID. All other data needed by the clerk to calculate the car loan is available in the computer.

Even if the private credit information is positive and the income sufficient, a car loan for temporary workers represents a high credit risk. Even if the current credit rating would be sufficient, a long-term financing of a car in many cases is not possible.

If the house bank but engage in a financing, additional collateral must be offered.

Improve creditworthiness – these collateral take banks

Improve creditworthiness - these collateral take banks

If the credit rating is too low, banks reject borrowers. This is usually due to increased credit risk.

Since a car loan for temporary workers is a credit risk, these consumers need additional collateral. Banks usually accept various collateral and personal security.

As collateral for banks, fixed savings deposits, high-quality works of art or property values ​​are eligible. When buying a car, the bank can additionally demand the registration certificate II as collateral.

This certificate is deposited with the bank that the borrower can not sell the vehicle. If no collateral exists, the applicant must be able to offer a guarantor or a second borrower.

Guarantors and co-applicants are among the personal security. A co-applicant may be a spouse or a spouse of the spouse.

A guarantor can come from the circle of acquaintances or relatives. Particularly important is the liquidity of the guarantor.

Guarantors and co-applicants are normally liable on their own. Anyone who is liable on their own account can be asked to pay without a judicial dunning procedure.

Financing of auto banks – with temporary employment rather unlikely

Financing of auto banks - with temporary employment rather unlikely

Car loans are now also provided by so-called car banks. These banks are either in-house or cooperating financial institutions.

For the car buyers of the different brands, the automotive banks almost always offer two different financing options. These are the classic installment loan and the balloon financing. In the installment loan, the car buyer can make a down payment, which is credited to the required loan amount.

For the loan, monthly installments are calculated, which have the same amount over the entire term. At the last installment, the borrower becomes the owner of the vehicle.

With a balloon financing, a down payment can also be made. Monthly loan installments are relatively low.

At the end of the repayment term, a final installment remains, which can either be redeemed or further funded. The return of the vehicle is possible with many contracts.

A car loan for temporary workers is likely rejected by the auto banks due to the high credit risk.

Apply for car loan on the internet – compare loans at Creditend

Apply for car loan on the internet - compare loans at Smava

Many banks have extended their loan offer to the Internet. There are also numerous online and direct banks offering their loans exclusively on the World Wide Web.

Due to the large number of loan offers, a search for a cheap car loan is often cumbersome and very tedious. Help offer so-called credit portals with their comparison pages. These comparison pages are also provided by Creditend.

The credit portal of Creditend cooperates with many large and small banks. For easy credit search, consumers can use an easy-to-use loan calculator.

The net loan amount and the desired repayment term are entered into this calculator. However, the intended use should be car financing.

Immediately, numerous banks that qualify for a car loan are displayed on the comparison page. Since the online and direct banks attach great importance to a very good credit rating and require a positive private credit, a car loan for temporary workers will not be approved.

Loans from credit marketplaces – auto financing with personal loans

Loans from credit marketplaces - auto financing with personal loans

An alternative to banks are credit marketplaces on the Internet. On these internet portals, private financers offer their help to consumers who are looking for a loan.

In the UK and US, credit marketplaces are referred to as peer-to-peer networks. Private loans are also granted to Creditend, which can certainly be used to finance a motor vehicle.

Creditend arranges loans from 1000 to 50,000 euros. With the credit periods up to 144 months, so 12 years can be selected. A second borrower improves the chances of getting a loan.

Since the funding is decided by the private donors of the portal, temporary workers can apply for a loan. Consumers who apply for a car loan for temporary workers, however, must have no hard negative features in their private credit.

These features include, for example, arrest warrants, court orders or affidavits. Even consumers who are in a private bankruptcy, can not apply for credit.

Car loans from credit agencies – additional collateral is needed

Car loans from credit agencies - additional collateral is needed

Credit agencies offer installment loans to consumers in financially difficult situations. A car loan for temporary workers can therefore be granted.

However, a temporary worker must be able to offer additional loan collateral to credit agencies. The private credit should also have no negative entries.

However, guarantors are accepted in credit agencies such as Maxcredit or Crediter. The guarantor must meet at least the credit requirements for the desired loan with these lenders.

Likewise, a second borrower qualifies as collateral for these financial services providers. If a loan transaction is established, a liability is assumed as with the banks, with a guarantor or a second applicant.

Car loan for temporary workers – increased costs are possible

Car loan for temporary workers - increased costs are possible

A car loan for temporary workers is available only from a few financial service providers. If the house bank or a credit agency grants a car loan, additional loan collateral is required.

Online and direct banks as well as auto banks will reject a loan because of the high credit risk. However, consumers who choose to buy a car loan from a credit intermediary or from a credit marketplace face increased costs.

Loans from usurers: criminal penalties, how and why to avoid ”loan sharks” without collateral’ Fri, 01 Mar 2019 14:07:26 +0000

When one is desperate for funding, one can unfortunately encounter the so-called usurious loans. Let’s see why it is good to avoid the “loan sharks” without guarantee and above all how to avoid them, and that is all the valid and legal alternatives that will allow us to get the money we need in the shortest possible time.

Loans from usurers: why avoid “loan sharks” without guarantee and penal sanctions

Loans from usurers: why avoid "loan sharks" without guarantee and penal sanctions

If you are looking for a sum of money, the solutions to get them are different. In some cases it may happen that you have to face an unexpected expense, for which you can not wait more than 24 hours. In this case we can hardly find the loan that is right for us by contacting a bank, due to the time needed to assess the customer. For this reason, the ideal solution can be to rely on private individuals. Loans between individuals are completely legal, but it can happen that you run into so-called loans from usurers. As defined by Italian law, a usurer loan is a loan with a too high interest rate. Searching for internet funding you can not know who you are addressing and for this reason it is good to be very careful. Unfortunately, some individuals who have a large enough amount of money can take advantage of people who are desperate for a loan, offering it to extremely unfavorable conditions for the client.

Those who offer this type of financing are called “loan sharks “. Why is it good to stay away? First of all because by accepting the conditions that are proposed to us we will go to pay an excessively high price to get the amount of money we need. In addition, in the event that after a few months we find ourselves in difficulty in dealing with the repayment installments, it may happen that the loan sharks get the money we owe them, for example, with the illegal confiscation of assets. How can we identify a loan from usurers? The characteristic that determines that a loan is illegal is the interest rate applied. Italian law defines the usury threshold for each of the types of financing defined by law. In particular for personal loans, the fixed wear threshold is 16.81%. In the event that the loan you received provides a percentage of annual interest that exceeds the usury threshold, you can proceed with the report of the loan shark who lent us the money.

Another case in which we can find loans for usurers is when we do not have the necessary guarantees to have access to credit. For any form of financing are in fact provided for the requirements, which will be more or less restrictive on the basis of the credit institution to which we rely. Although usually fewer problems are found to obtain them, even in the case of private loans it is necessary to present some guarantees, without which we will not have access to credit. For this reason, if someone offers financing without guarantees, it is good to be very careful. The penal sanctions provided for by the Italian law concern above all the compensation of the victims of usury of the sums of money already paid, both as regards the interest and the repayment of the capital loaned. Therefore, since it is a form of financing prohibited by law, the individual who has suffered the fraud will not be required to return the money received. Furthermore, for the loan shark, a penalty ranging from 2 to 10 years of imprisonment and a fine ranging from 5,000 euros to 30,000 euros is provided for by law.

How to avoid loans from usurers: better financing from individuals

How to avoid loans from usurers: better financing from individuals

We have therefore seen how important it is to stay away from those who offer us so-called usurious loans. But how can we do if we need financing but we do not have the necessary guarantees? In this case there are some forms of private loans that are completely legal and that we can choose even without having special guarantees. The best private loan is the so-called loan between relatives. Especially if the amount of money we need is not particularly high, we can ask for funding from one of our relatives. This type of loan is completely legal and provided by law, provided that a contract is stipulated in which the personal data of both parties must be specified, the amount that is given and the date on which the transfer of money takes place. As regards the repayment procedures, the number of installments envisaged and the interest rate applied must be specified. In some cases it may happen that those who lend us money do not intend to set any interest. This is the case, for example, of a father who lends money to a child, and therefore speaks of a non-interest bearing loan.

The contract must obviously be signed both by those who receive the loan and by the one who provides it. When the sum that is paid in this way is particularly high, the advice is to turn to a notary to register the contract before witnesses who will sign the document at the bottom. This type of private loans is undoubtedly the best ever, especially if the loan is non-interest bearing. In any case, the great advantage of this form of financing is that it can be obtained without any guarantee, as it is an agreement based on mutual trust. Unfortunately, especially if you need a particularly large amount, it is very difficult to find someone willing to offer us financing.

The solution that can be used in this case is that which takes the name of ” social lending “. The social loan is a form of financing between individuals that is managed by various communities in which they come into contact with those who need a loan with private individuals willing to invest a more or less important sum. The main platforms of social lending is such Prestiamoci, Smartika, Soisy and Blender, although on the web you can find the others. The procedure for applying for a loan is very similar to the case of loans that we could request from a bank. The platform will “hide” us in some way that funding will be provided to us by various private individuals, each in a certain percentage. Therefore the applicant will receive the desired amount of money on his current account. Based on the expected interest rate we will have to pay the repayment installments just as if we were to return it to a bank, and the system will be concerned with dividing it among the various investors.



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Collateral for the loan: which assets are suitable? Sat, 23 Feb 2019 16:10:44 +0000

Anyone who wants to take out a loan or a loan from a bank is usually asked what collateral or collateral he can provide. These are made available to the bank and influence the lending rate decisively. Particularly suitable are real estate or the assignment of property rights.

Real estate as collateral

Real estate as collateral

The most stable assets are usually real estate. Often, the loans are used to finance the construction or purchase of real estate. As the real estate can not be deposited with the bank as collateral, the real property is encumbered with rights for the lender. For example, the bank will receive a prerogative in case of a possible auction of a property in order to hedge the repayment of the loan granted.

The most common security rights here are the mortgage and the mortgage. In the case of a mortgage, a loan is secured by the registration of a mortgage in the land register linked to the land. This mortgage remains registered even if the property is already fully paid off. The removal of the mortgage must be requested separately.

The advantage of these land rights is that they can be used over and over again, even if the loan has already been repaid. This means that if a mortgage of € 20,000 is registered and remains, it can be used again and again as collateral. Since real estate is very stable in value, banks gladly accept these as loan collateral. However, deductions are made. That is, the depreciation of a house or apartment is considered by the banks and calculated at about 1% of the value per year.

Property rights as collateral

A frequent loan security in the search for credit is the assignment or pledging of property rights. For example, the rights to life and pension insurance fall under property rights. On the other hand, the term is often used in connection with securities, ie shares.

Particularly noteworthy here is the assignment of surrender values ​​of life insurance. These surrender values ​​are available to the lender after the assignment. The repurchase values ​​have the advantage that they increase steadily with regular premium payments and thus become more valuable.

But other securities or savings deposits can serve as collateral. This is usually done by pledging them to the lender. The sole lender has the sole right of exploitation. If savings deposits or fixed income bonds are stable in value, equities may vary in their value.

Guarantee as collateral

If real estate and property rights are insufficient to secure a loan, the guarantee by a third party is another option. There are different types of guarantee.

  • Either the guarantor completely takes over the responsibility, so in case of insolvency of the borrower alone has to pay the outstanding installments.
  • Another option is the so-called partial guarantee. Here, the guarantor is liable only for a predetermined portion of the borrowed credit.

Gold as collateral

Gold as collateral

Precious metals as a security for loans are rather unusual nowadays, since the storage and valuation of the physically existing valuables is too costly. Possible is a so-called goldymight, in which gold, silver and Co. are pledged as collateral. The mortgage lending value is a maximum of 80 percent of the actual value. It should be noted that, especially for coins, the collector value is often higher, so that a sale can be worthwhile than the loan.

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Financial Solutions for Loan and Credit Fri, 15 Feb 2019 06:21:02 +0000

Is Lazago reliable and safe?

Lazago is duly regulated by the resolutions of the Central Bank of Brazil that regulates the activities of the company. In addition, it has digital security certification and adopts encryption procedures to protect the data of its clients.

In addition, the financial is controlled by Bradesco, which is among the largest banking institutions in the country and has an advanced security system such as the use of security codes and token for validation of any type of banking transaction.

How does the loan in Lazago work?

How does the loan in Lazago work?

If you are in search of a solution to your financial difficulty to Lazago offer credit products that can help you in this situation. Personal loans can be used in a variety of ways, such as adjusting your personal accounts, making a dream trip, buying a car or renovating your home.

Whatever your need, at Lazago it is possible to find credit with installment options up to 36 times and the first installment to be paid within 60 days after the completion of the loan.

In addition, the client has another possibility of withdrawing the amount on the same day – via an administrative check at one of the affiliated banks – or having the amount transferred to his account when choosing the option of DOC to receive.

To apply for a personal loan at Lazago, the client is submitted to 3 stages of analysis. The company takes into account during the client’s credit assessment every financial situation so as not to jeopardize their finances. Check out the evaluation steps:

Verification At the moment, a verification of the cadastral data and the credit value requested is made.
Viability At this stage the viability of the loan as well as the form and date of payment is confirmed and defined by the client.
Approval Finally, approved in all previous stages, the credit is released and granted to the customer of Banco Lazago SA

Requirements in Lazago

Requirements in Lazago

Check out the following, some clauses and general conditions for obtaining a personal loan at Lazago:

  • Credit is only released through credit analysis and customer registration
  • The asset is released into a customer-owned checking account after 48 hours or on the same day by administrative check;
  • The credit can be contracted with the affiliates and correspondents of the company with the authorization of Lazago
  • When requesting the credit the customer agrees with all the conditions – interest rates, additions, value and number of installments, payment dates among others
    Customer cadaster information needs and should be kept up to date
  • Payment of installments is made monthly by means of tickets, clearing of checks or by debit to the customer’s current account
  • In case of delays arrears interest is charged and the customer will be considered in default
  • The customer may pay in advance the amounts due to Lazago and will be deducted a proportional amount

Necessary documents

The documents required to apply for a personal loan at Lazago are:

  • ID card
  • CPF
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of address

IMPORTANT NOTE: The diamond does not consider cards, credit card bills and the like as proof of income. Check below, what are the forms of proof according to your professional category:

Self employed

Statement of income tax and / or service contract + declaration of the paying source (Receipt of Autonomous Payment – RPA) + DARF

Private Employees

Last three months’ paycheck / paycheck and Professional Card (CTPS)

Retirees and pensioners

Check-in / pay slip or benefit card

Income tax return

It is worth mentioning that for validation of the Personal Income Tax Declaration, the client must present the document referring to the last fiscal year in force with all valid pages of the declaration, ie, must include the delivery protocol to the Internal Revenue Service with electronic stamp of the Receipt of Delivery issued by Serpro.

Borrowing Costs

Borrowing Costs

The Total Cost of Loans granted by Lazago is derived from the calculation that considers the flows related to releases and prior payments, including amortization, interest and fees of the financial operation, as the case may be, as well as any other cost or charge charged in due to the credit operation.

In addition, the client must declare to be aware of all the CET to carry out this operation.

Advantages of choosing Lazago over competitors

Advantages of choosing Lazago over competitors

Unlike other financial institutions that offer personal loans, in Lazago you find some differentials that can be of great advantage when choosing the best institution for you. Here are some key features:

  • You can make the payment in up to 24 equal times in the check or up to 18 times the same in the bank account (boleto bancário)
  • It is you who choose the due date, the term of payment and the amount of the installment (among the available options)
  • You can make the prepayment of the parcels with some discount
  • The first installment is paid only 60 days after the loan is contracted

Diamond Analysis on Claim here

Diamond Analysis on Claim here

The Complaint here is an excellent benchmark that is taken into consideration about a company’s reputation in relation to the satisfaction of its customers and users. In this sense, according to data obtained from the institution indicate that the reputation of Lazago was regular between the period from 01/05/2017 to 04/30/2018.

To be considered regular, the company answered 98.9% of the complaints that were made and obtained a result of 66.9% of the cases. However, of this percentage, only 38.7% would go back to doing business with Lazago, which was valued at 4.83 points.

In addition, the biggest complaints made by unhappy customers refer to issues related to improper collection, difficulties in making agreements and poor service in Customer Service channels.

Loan for negatives – Compare multiple websites and companies Fri, 01 Feb 2019 06:13:59 +0000

Loan characteristics even negative

Loan characteristics even negative

One of the characteristic of loans to negatives is that they generally apply very high interest rates. This is because lenders need to eliminate and / or decrease credit risk so as not to be at a loss when the borrower becomes defaulter.

But even negatively you can still get your loan. However, you need to be more selective when choosing your lender and take a little more time to find a reliable and secure company to lend the money to you.

Ultimately, you will need a bank, financial or credit company that:

  1. Do not consult with Serasa and SPC
  2. That you release loans without bureaucracy
  3. Do not focus on your credit history
  4. To release personal loan with or without guarantee
  5. That can be done from anywhere in Brazil
  6. You do not need to fax or mail documents
  7. Do not borrow money or advance fees to clear the credit

Look for lenders who offer reasonable terms and fixed interest. This may be a way of not suffering from sudden changes in the economic scenario that is in decline, up to that point at (Selic 6.50% and 0.526% monthly).

Again we need to emphasize on care when looking for the best loans for negatives. To access the exclusive offers, click here.

How do I know if your name is denied on Serasa and SPC?

How do I know if your name is denied on Serasa and SPC?

For you to know if you really have the “dirty name” “There is not much secret, just go to the” Serasa Experian “website, the process begins when you inform your CPF and make the registration simple and free: serasa consumer ). Ready!

Serasa is not the only source of information, another cost-free alternative that few people know but has the same effect on “blacklisted name” and “CPF restriction”, that is, it also keeps negative records of people, Boa Vista or SCPC. To access go to: positive consumer (site ).

  • Reasons to Request
  • Reasons to Avoid
  • Even with dirty name can qualify for loans up to $ 3,500 or more
  • There are no queries to Serasa and SPC and credit institution – Intelligent Analysis
  • No commission fees, guarantor fee or early fee
  • Registration and free application by the online site or by the mobile application
  • There is no obligation to accept the pre-approved proposal – choose the best
  • Pre-approval in just a few minutes according to the lender
  • Release of money into account within 24 hours after approval
  • It can be a great alternative in a financial emergency.

See here our safe options for you to get money even if you have your dirty name in trustworthy companies: click here

  • There is no guarantee to receive the amount you need when applying for the loan
  • Interest rates are slightly high – it can reach 18% a month
  • Loans for negatives in general are limited to R $ 3,500 reais
  • Payment terms are short term – between 3 and 12 times
  • Danger of getting stuck in the debt cycle and not getting out
  • Some lenders do not release more than $ 1,000 on the first loan

How does the loan for negatives work?

How does the loan for negatives work?

The loans for negatives are similar to most other categories of personal loans available for request: you borrow the money you need for a lender or financial institution, pay back the added value of interest and additional fees for a given term in contract.

Before making any request, you must first find out what modality of personal loan you can borrow – make sure your name is clean or dirty. Then compare the lenders who offer the loan that your profile allows – if you are negative – borrow without consulting the CPF.

Did you find the lender? Fill in your registration form in the form for pre approval.

The waiting time for your lender to submit a proposal will depend on many factors – it can be in minutes, hours or a few weeks. If you are approved, you will receive the cash resources immediately.

Step by step to get negated Loan thymus

Step by step to get negated Loan thymus

Some of the steps from the process of personal loan to negatives start with the smarter step, below we list 9 steps:

  1. Search
  2. Comparation
  3. Online application
  4. Eligibility – pre-approval
  5. Documentation submission
  6. Approval of the proposal
  7. Loan financing
  8. Repayment of plots
  9. Loan Closing

Where to get negative loans?

Where to get negative loans?

Online loans for negatives can be done at private banks, financial institutions, credit unions or websites and platforms of web lenders known as bank correspondents.

You already know that your credit score and credit history is what will largely determine where you can or will not qualify, and what interest rates will apply to your request.

There are few major banks and financial institutions that offer unsecured personal loans for bad debts, They prefer to meet borrowers with good credit and no records on their credit reports – so it’s easier for them!

Do not evaluate your loan just by looking at the interest rate.

Consider service providers and lenders offering friendly features, 24-hour access and online chat service, whatsapp etc. You may need it.

We here at Grand Loan, we have partners who offer in an easy, reliable and fast way the money that you want to borrow, and a little more. In the consignment for example, which is one of the modalities for negatives, you get up to $ 50,000 or more, approved online and without any bureaucracy.

There are no hidden charges, long wait time or other difficulties. Learn now where and how to get the best credit for negatives by clicking here.

Loan for Negative When to Hire?

Loan for Negative When to Hire?

Of course you do not get personal loans just for fun, this is an attitude of extreme responsibility, so before you apply for your loan to be denied in one of the existing institutions, check the commercial data ) and creditor information, the final interest of the transaction and especially if you can pay back the installments of the maturities.

Although the need to hide some truths, never forget that the interest of the loan with restriction and without consultation are usually more expensive than other modalities, so it is indicated as an option for occasional emergencies as a way to obtain fast money.

The care for you that wants to make this kind of loan is – do not get ripped off even further. It is important to look for online credit offers with benefits that fit in your pocket and that will not further tighten your budget and also your personal finances.

Advantages of Personal Loans to Negatives

One more detail, if you can not handle your current debt, investigate all the options you have to alleviate your problem with finances, and once you decide to make a loan to negatives without it being consigned, and by the way, it’s a great option, really calculate whether interest rate payments and monthly installments will not make you even worse off.

Disadvantages of Personal Loans to Negatives

Higher Interest Rates : The interest rates charged are undoubtedly greater than the loan secured by property or vehicle, and more expensive than paycheck credit also, almost 8 times.

When you withdraw with credit cards, the interest depends on the flag and the issuer.

If you can give some guarantee, your loan will be for less than 1.50% per month, with a share between 36 and 180, in the payroll the interest is equal, and the installments, are contracted up to 96 months.

It is up to you to know which best credit operation will meet your needs, even if you have to pay a little more expensive for interest.

Bad loans from banks and financial institutions

Bad loans from banks and financial institutions

Few top-tier banks such as Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Caixa Econômica, Itaú Unibanco and Santander offer personal credit to the negatives, But there are some financiers who are experts at offering this form of credit to anyone who has the name dirty.

Like Crefisa, A Simplic and MoneyMan and Lendico, but interest rates can be as high as 18% or more – per month.

Where to Find the Best Loan by Having Bad Credit

Where to Find the Best Loan by Having Bad Credit

This expression – bad credit – is not our custom, but this is the condition of those with credit restrictions in Serasa / SPC / SCPC or CCF. As we have already said, in this article, make sure you compare a list with several lenders options for you to find the best loans for anyone with bad credit.

You need to understand what type of loan you can hire, and what types of companies or offers avoid to not fall into scams. A great place to start is to compare various loan companies using our blog and our reviews and reviews on each company and loans they offer – it’s free 365 days a year plus one leap year day.

Options and types of loans released to negative

Options and types of loans released to negative

There are many modalities for negatives, Financial institutions are more cautious about releasing a loan for someone with the dirty name and end up making it difficult to approve personal credit.

However, there are other credit options for negatives in the market. Currently, several types of credit are available for negatives: payroll loans, refinancing of property or vehicle, among others.

Loan or personal credit

Personal loan, ” bad credit loan ” or ” bad credit” no matter what it is called, what really matters is that there are countless online correspondent and financial companies that offer no personal bureaucracy especially for those who are negatived.

The interesting thing is that even with its dirty name, you have the freedom to get from R $ 200 to R $ 3,500 reais on the hour, without leaving home and anywhere in Brazil.

Here at Grand Loan, we are not loan intermediaries, but we indicate the largest bank correspondents for you to make your request, approval and then release the cash amount in the account.

Money released, even when your name is denied in SPC / Serasa, quickly and easily.

To find the solution you are looking for, the process looks like this:

Apply online in minutes : You need to tell yourself about yourself and how much you want to borrow.
Select a loan offer : Review your monthly payment options, interest rate, and choose the one you like best.
Take your money : the loan is automatically deposited into your bank account.

It is important to make it clear that personal loan is not like pre-approved bank loan. In the negative loan, credit approval is analyzed as in any transaction, with the detail of having fewer restrictive policies.

There are basic requirements that must be obeyed, even if you are negative, namely:

  • Be at least 18 years old
  • Have proven monthly income
  • Have regularized and updated documentation
  • Have fixed residence and contacts (email and phone)
  • Being a customer of banks: Banco do Brasil, Bradesco, Caixa Econômica, Itaú and Santander or others

Payroll loan

Negative payday loan

When we speak of loan to negatives are some confusion in the air, one of them is the other option for negativados that is the ” payroll loan “, in this modality, can only request who is related as Retirees and Pensioners of INSS, Public servant, Military Forces Armed and Employees Employees of private companies agreed to some lender banks.

You can apply for a payday loan for as long as you are within these conditions, the policies and rules of the modality, and despite releasing borrowed money without bureaucracy, you have to have assignable margin to get the loan.

In consigned credit, the installments discounted for reimbursement, are made directly on the benefit, salary, pay, that is, on the applicant’s payroll. Given this, this line of credit has the lowest interest rates on the market for individuals.

For you to know everything, everything even about payroll loan read our review – click here. The interest rate on the ” payroll deductible loan ” in the INSS is currently set at 1.99% and 2.08% per month, allowed by Previdência. For servers and military, maximum of 5.27% and salaries, up 4.96%.

If you are denied and want to get a financed cash amount, payday loan without a doubt is your best choice.

Refinancing of Property

Loan with property guarantee

Secured loan or Home Equity loan, this type of personal credit is now well-known thanks to Creditas, who has become a leader in this online follow-up. Giving your property or your vehicle as collateral may be an alternative to get the money that is needed now.

The operation itself, it is a refinancing of the urban or rural property, here we are still getting used to calling mortgage (Mortgage of Property) but it is not the same thing. In this modality, also has very low interest rates, around 1.15% to 1.49% per month, is lower because of the sale of the good to the creditor.

When refinancing property, negative people who own property in their own name, free of charge and removed, will have no problem in getting the credit.

As the guarantee supports the loan, you can get really expressive values ​​- up to $ 500,000 or more, the refinancing is only 60% of the value of the property assessed.

Vehicle Refinancing

Loan with vehicle guarantee

With no secrets for this modality, to ensure the loan is done a refinance of the vehicle, meaning your car is left with the lender as a form of collateral for the full repayment of the loan borrowed. It is worth informing that if you do not honor with the contractual rules, the lender (financial institution) can liquidate your vehicle.

In this line of credit, the borrower can count on very low interest rates too, for anyone who wants a loan for negative in this condition, paying only 1.49% per month is more than perfect.

But there are some details that we can not miss, be aware that the amount released on the loan will be proportional to 50% to 80% of the value of your vehicle, and each financial institution has a rule to refinance.

The biggest highlight when making a loan with vehicle guarantee for those who are negative, is able to apply for this type of personal loan over the Internet, have low interest rates and chooses the time you want to pay, usually up to 36/60 months.

– Another thing, the fact that you have a property or vehicle removed, does not guarantee the credit approval, but once we remember that there are many other factors that can prevent approval. Either way, this is a very viable alternative for you who has a dirty name on the square and needs money.

Pledge Box

Negative pledge

The idea of ​​this type of loan is interesting, it is a secured loan, only the guarantee is a jewel, a gold or rare watch, a precious ring and valuables etc.

In Brazil, the pledge is made exclusively by Caixa Econômica Federal. The valuation of the value of the asset is carried out in the bank’s own agencies and you get the valuation money on time. The interest on the pledge is low and pays off the risk if you plan to take back your asset.

In the lien, there is no problem being denied or restricted in the name.


Microcredit for negatives

This type of loan does not require collateral, but requires the borrower to use it to make investments in their own business.

Microcredit is a small-value loan program for both formal and informal microentrepreneurs, read more about it (here), access to credit takes place through the traditional financial system.

In general, microcredit is sponsored by the government as a form of local development aid by supporting the production of small entrepreneurs – if that is your case, go ahead.

P2P and CrowdFunding

P2P and CrowdFunding for negatives

Peer-to-Peer Loan : Some Peer-to-peer platforms are credit intermediaries who are more willing to consider requests from people who have bad credit (for negatives) by slightly increasing the value of the fees, but can still be more cheaper than the personal bank loan.

Here you will be able to know with more attention everything about how to loan the Peer-to-Peer and how it works.

Crowdfunding Loan : Crowdfunding loans are changing the banking system in Brazil, even this financial system does not care if the name is dirty or negative, people with bad credit have free access. Just like Peer-to-Peer is an excellent alternative to take out personal loan even if you are negative.

Loan sharks

Loan with loan sharks

Let’s take a step to look at this type of loan with a magnifying glass. What exactly is a moneylender? The media refers to today’s moneylenders as “predatory lenders,” and they charge excessively high interest rates from borrowers who are unable to borrow in legal means.

It is worth mentioning that moneylenders are like a great shark lurking its victim ready to attack. Moneylenders are predatory lenders seeking prey who can not repay their other debts and who do not have many options for getting cash fast and with facilities.

People who usually take loan with moneylenders in general:

  • They are experiencing a financial emergency
  • You have very bad credit or history
  • Has many records in Serasa and SPC as debtor
  • Has a low or high income but has lost control

Formally they can not access traditional lines of personal loan, bank credit or credit cards, and so often resort to lenders like the moneylenders who do not make inquiries or credit checks to release their loans.

Credit card

Loan to the negativado with card

Credit Cards : Credit cards are not just for shopping, you can also use pre-approved limits to request a personal credit card credit directly from the monthly bill.

Usually the amounts are approved on time at any ATM are less than $ 1,000, the fees are very high, outside some additional costs incorporated into the total amount of the loan.

Care for anyone who is denied and wants to borrow

Care for anyone who is denied and wants to borrow

Being negative puts any citizen in a vulnerable position when deciding to look for personal loan online, mainly because there are many experts wanting to take advantage of this situation.

By having records in the credit bureaus, it does not mean that you should accept any offer that appears. Keep your eyes open and your hands in a position to raise the red flags when looking for the best loans for negatives.

Here’s a summary we’ve made so you do not fall into traps:

  • Guarantees: Credit companies, correspondent banks and legitimate lending platforms will never tell you that you can take out a loan without knowing your income, score, credit history and other personal information. Any lender who guarantees the approval of any amount before evaluating your information is probably someone who wants to deceive you.
  • Advance Fees: It is against the law that creditors cover amounts or advance amounts before releasing the requested loan money.
  • Unexpected Contacts: Be careful if you’re receiving emails, Whatsapp messages, and constant phone calls from a particular company. Legitimate lenders need not pursue their clients – we seek them out.
  • Misuse of names. Some fraudulent and unscrupulous companies will use the names of reliable, secure banks and financiers and lenders to profit from this good reputation. Make sure you are actually doing business with the right company it claims to be.
  • Registration confirmation requests: Take care of your personal information. You must provide your personal information only to a company that you trust or prove to be trustworthy, do not fill out any online registration just because the site is cute. Be particularly wary of providing information to unknown companies, especially if you can not get data about it on the Internet.
  • Persuasion Techniques: It is common to compare the proposal and take the time to evaluate how much you can actually lend safely. Your lender should not be pressuring you to make your loan soon. Consider all your options.

And, above all, take a few minutes to check which company you want to borrow money on.

View the reviews, reviews and online complaints of the company. Suspect of consistently positive or systematically negative criticism – the truth is probably somewhere in between. Check the company’s physical address.

Being proactive from the start of your research can save you a lot of trouble in the future.

Can I apply for a loan if I am not?

Can I apply for a loan if I am not?

Of course you can apply, few things prevent a person from not getting a personal loan even though they are being denied.

However, in order for the process to unfold to the favor of the requester, he must necessarily prove with the banks, financial institution or institution that is able to repay the amount received.

To make life easier for people who are living in this condition right now, the comparison tools serve very well, they approach those who need money but have restrictions on creditors who specialize in this type of credit granting.

The Bolkonsky family has several partners who approve orders up to $ 5,000 with a choice of up to 12x without bureaucracy. Others will tailor the best loan to your profile.

Who is negative can get a reliable loan?

Who is negative can get a reliable loan?

I also particularly have no problem recommending loans for unsecured debts. As you can see there are several ways to borrow money even though the CPF is restricted.

Here at ” Grand Loan ” we do reviews and reviews of banks, companies and lending sites from reputable institutions willing to work with borrowers who have negative names or records on credit history.

But, remember to keep your expectations in the reality of your financial situation. You will no doubt receive lower interest rates other than obtaining through payroll deduction, however, if you can not apply for a payroll loan, the higher rates will be your only option to get the amount you need at the moment.

However, do not be afraid to think outside the box, sometimes not always asking for a loan will solve your situation, there are other ways to get the money borrowed to meet your needs.

Now, if your finances are too bad or you’re even tangled with debt, you may also want to check out our series on debt management and personal finance.