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Is Lazago reliable and safe?

Lazago is duly regulated by the resolutions of the Central Bank of Brazil that regulates the activities of the company. In addition, it has digital security certification and adopts encryption procedures to protect the data of its clients.

In addition, the financial is controlled by Bradesco, which is among the largest banking institutions in the country and has an advanced security system such as the use of security codes and token for validation of any type of banking transaction.

How does the loan in Lazago work?

How does the loan in Lazago work?

If you are in search of a solution to your financial difficulty to Lazago offer credit products that can help you in this situation. Personal loans can be used in a variety of ways, such as adjusting your personal accounts, making a dream trip, buying a car or renovating your home.

Whatever your need, at Lazago it is possible to find credit with installment options up to 36 times and the first installment to be paid within 60 days after the completion of the loan.

In addition, the client has another possibility of withdrawing the amount on the same day – via an administrative check at one of the affiliated banks – or having the amount transferred to his account when choosing the option of DOC to receive.

To apply for a personal loan at Lazago, the client is submitted to 3 stages of analysis. The company takes into account during the client’s credit assessment every financial situation so as not to jeopardize their finances. Check out the evaluation steps:

Verification At the moment, a verification of the cadastral data and the credit value requested is made.
Viability At this stage the viability of the loan as well as the form and date of payment is confirmed and defined by the client.
Approval Finally, approved in all previous stages, the credit is released and granted to the customer of Banco Lazago SA

Requirements in Lazago

Requirements in Lazago

Check out the following, some clauses and general conditions for obtaining a personal loan at Lazago:

  • Credit is only released through credit analysis and customer registration
  • The asset is released into a customer-owned checking account after 48 hours or on the same day by administrative check;
  • The credit can be contracted with the affiliates and correspondents of the company with the authorization of Lazago
  • When requesting the credit the customer agrees with all the conditions – interest rates, additions, value and number of installments, payment dates among others
    Customer cadaster information needs and should be kept up to date
  • Payment of installments is made monthly by means of tickets, clearing of checks or by debit to the customer’s current account
  • In case of delays arrears interest is charged and the customer will be considered in default
  • The customer may pay in advance the amounts due to Lazago and will be deducted a proportional amount

Necessary documents

The documents required to apply for a personal loan at Lazago are:

  • ID card
  • CPF
  • Proof of income
  • Proof of address

IMPORTANT NOTE: The diamond does not consider cards, credit card bills and the like as proof of income. Check below, what are the forms of proof according to your professional category:

Self employed

Statement of income tax and / or service contract + declaration of the paying source (Receipt of Autonomous Payment – RPA) + DARF

Private Employees

Last three months’ paycheck / paycheck and Professional Card (CTPS)

Retirees and pensioners

Check-in / pay slip or benefit card

Income tax return

It is worth mentioning that for validation of the Personal Income Tax Declaration, the client must present the document referring to the last fiscal year in force with all valid pages of the declaration, ie, must include the delivery protocol to the Internal Revenue Service with electronic stamp of the Receipt of Delivery issued by Serpro.

Borrowing Costs

Borrowing Costs

The Total Cost of Loans granted by Lazago is derived from the calculation that considers the flows related to releases and prior payments, including amortization, interest and fees of the financial operation, as the case may be, as well as any other cost or charge charged in due to the credit operation.

In addition, the client must declare to be aware of all the CET to carry out this operation.

Advantages of choosing Lazago over competitors

Advantages of choosing Lazago over competitors

Unlike other financial institutions that offer personal loans, in Lazago you find some differentials that can be of great advantage when choosing the best institution for you. Here are some key features:

  • You can make the payment in up to 24 equal times in the check or up to 18 times the same in the bank account (boleto bancário)
  • It is you who choose the due date, the term of payment and the amount of the installment (among the available options)
  • You can make the prepayment of the parcels with some discount
  • The first installment is paid only 60 days after the loan is contracted

Diamond Analysis on Claim here

Diamond Analysis on Claim here

The Complaint here is an excellent benchmark that is taken into consideration about a company’s reputation in relation to the satisfaction of its customers and users. In this sense, according to data obtained from the institution indicate that the reputation of Lazago was regular between the period from 01/05/2017 to 04/30/2018.

To be considered regular, the company answered 98.9% of the complaints that were made and obtained a result of 66.9% of the cases. However, of this percentage, only 38.7% would go back to doing business with Lazago, which was valued at 4.83 points.

In addition, the biggest complaints made by unhappy customers refer to issues related to improper collection, difficulties in making agreements and poor service in Customer Service channels.